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December 22, 2011



I learned so much this semester.  Not just about school psychology, but about myself.  In fact, I think that my own personal growth completely outweighs the knowledge I acquired.  Not to poo-poo my classes or anything, because I have never worked so hard for anything in my life.  I remember being skeptical about the program–I wasn’t sure if Texas Woman’s University would be up to par with the education I got in the honor’s program at Baylor.  I know that Baylor isn’t a top-tier school or anything, but my experience in the BIC was challenging, uncomfortable, and wonderful—and I’m a much better student and person because of it. I was worried about not being engaged, or not being well-trained, but those concerns quickly resolved during the first week of class.  I cannot even describe how difficult this semester was, for me and even for my classmates who weren’t juggling the demands of work and family. 

This semester, I gained confidence.  I have never pushed myself to juggle so much, and I honestly wasn’t sure if I could manage it all.  But I did…somehow.  I’m still not sure how I did it.  Not only did I cover all my bases, I earned a 3.9 GPA this semester.  I would have been happy to pass!  But my attitude has changed since undergrad—I no longer look at the least amount of work I need to put in to make the grade—I do my absolute best on everything.  If only I had been so driven in undergrad, I might be attending TWU on scholarship.

Anyhow, I survived.  I didn’t flunk out, I didn’t get fired, I didn’t lose any dear friends, Chance didn’t divorce me, Jack didn’t die of loneliness, and we aren’t broke.  I am 14 hours closer to my 60 hour goal.  I am still excited about becoming a school psychologist, and more convinced than ever that this is a great job for me.  It’s amazing to me how much strength we have when we need it–and how much energy we have when we’re working for something we’re truly passionate about.  I gained confidence, and I proved to myself that I can handle pressure, stress, criticism, and fatigue…while working and attending grad school full-time.  Let’s just say I haven’t felt this confident since the day I got my braces off : )


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