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January 6, 2012

I am generally opposed to New Year’s Resolutions.  Why is it that the American populace only aims for improvement once per year?  Shouldn’t that be an everyday thing? Back when I was younger and still felt the need to participate in this annual ritual,  I came up with all kinds of vague pursuits—like “be a more thoughtful daughter” and “eat better.”  These days I’ve relinquished the formal process of Resolution-making for a more perpetual pursuit of self-improvement. Before I start sounding too arrogant, let me point out that my success rate is pitiful.  I’ve had ‘floss at least 3x per week’ on deck for at least 10 years now.  I’m not sure that’s ever going to happen. But at least it’s always on my mind.  At least I’m reaching for it.

 Anyhow, January 1st came and went, and my intent was to ignore the business of New Year’s Resolutions altogether this year, as usual.  With work, grad school, marriage, and doggy-motherhood, I’ve got enough on my plate without the added pressure of Resolutions.  But something came up recently that I have decided to make a goal.  Not necessarily a Resolution, but a goal I made around New Year’s. 

 I will become a stretcher this year. 

 For all of my fitness endeavors, I have never stretched regularly.  At least not since there was mandated stretching in high school cross country practice.  The other night, I told Chance about how I ran three miles that morning but was concerned about this weird new dull pain in my foot, and he suggested there might be a link between my constant state of injury and my lack of stretching.  He even went as far to suggest that a lack of flexibility in my hips and ankles could be why I pound my feet so hard when I run (he demonstrated the pounding with a “BANG BANG BANG” on the coffee table).

 So simple…why didn’t I think of this before?

 Sometimes, all we need is a little outside perspective.  Chance always seems to help me connect the dots.  I would be nothing but a big pile of nonsensical dots without him. 

 I’d hate to sound too cynical about New Year’s—I do truly love the holiday.  A clean slate, a fresh start, limitless possibilities.  Here’s to a new year, big goals, and the people who help you achieve them!

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