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bye bye bikram

September 12, 2012

Serendipity brought us together.  I heard you might help me become more flexible and less anxious, but I had resisted you because I believed that yoga was for sissies.  Despite my resistance, I had become curious about you—so curious that I investigated joining a studio, and was appalled by how much it would cost me.  Just as I was about to give up and pursue other fitness options, I received an email offering a coupon for my neighborhood studio.  20 sessions for $30.  A deal I could not refuse.

So I came.  I met you for the first time on a Friday afternoon in July, when the temperatures outside were warmer than in the room.  I joked about going to bikram to “get out of the heat.”  Although my first class was tough, I could tell immediately that something in my body was responding to you.  The stretching. The sweating. The breathing.  A sense of warmth and calm stuck with me the entire evening after that first class.  I was hooked.

I completed my 20th session three days ago.  I miss you dearly already.  How often do you find something in life that you enjoy so much?  How can you put a price on that?  The studio owner mentioned that they offer a work-for-yoga exchange for those who cannot afford a membership.  You can come and clean the bathrooms once a week in exchange for “the yoga.”  Although I scoffed at that idea a week ago, my feelings have changed now that we are indefinitely separated.

It will be pretty telling if I end up begging the studio to allow me to clean their bathrooms in exchange for yoga.  I hate cleaning so much that I very rarely clean my own bathroom.  But…I miss you so much.  And it’s only been three days.

My willingness to scrub toilets for you might be the grandest gesture of love the world has ever seen.

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